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  1. Building an Accessible Performant Tree View in React
    The structural complexity of a tree in reality isn't unthinkable to us. Since the advent of computer and the branch of science associated with it, scientist have continually tried to model "mother nature" and her phenomena observable to humans into a… · Tue. Apr 20, 2021
  2. Building a Recursive T.O.C Component in React
    Have you ever had to deal with a kinda data that is nested and so nested that going through it seems like Space made friends with gravity and now the endless fall pulls everyone. Okay. If not, at least you must have written a program that calculates… · Sat. Aug 01, 2020
  3. Building my Second Gatsby Blog
    I'm so glad to announce that my blog has finally landed and is live. Ha ha! Needs no announcement, you see it! It's really been a journey finally coming to own a blog and be a lord of my own on the internet rather than a tenant. Just as owning…Caleb Adepitan · Thu. Jul 30, 2020
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